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The flight demonstration

The daily flight demonstrations at our care center is of particular importance because of its clarity. Our visitors experience the world of prey and owls in particular close.

Every day, around 11:15 to 15:15 clock (in winter only on Sundays and public holidays at 15.00 clock) the flight demonstration will take place except on very bad weather conditions. During the approximately 40 - minute - presentation (depending on weather conditions), our visitors have the unique opportunity to observe and learn much about eagles, vultures, hawks, owls and buzzards.
The visitors learn in detail much about the life of these wonderful animals, about the dangers facing them with the civilization (power lines, traffic, etc.) they are exposed to and informed about their Species. You should know that birds, especially raptors, are important links as sensitive bioindicators in the cycle of nature.

If you have any questions, you can contact us directly.