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The centre

The two bird experts Willy, Florian with team take care for their charges. They all are also involved in the daily flight shows moderated by Florian in german and italian language.
Since 1989 the Birds Caring Centre near Castle Tyrol has been working successfully for bird protection by private venture.

The primary aims

The primary aim of the centre is to treat injured, shot or poisoned birds and to release them into nature. If birds, due to their injuries, aren't able to survive in the wild anymore, the Bird Care Centre becomes their new home.

Birds become victims of human-built unnatural obstacles and pollution ( high - voltage cables , barbed wire , fences , window panes , environmental contamination, traffic and so on). Another important focus of our care center is to inform visitors about life and nature of birds, mainly owls and birds of prey. The 'practical part' in the form of daily flight demonstrations makes what we do, very vividly. School classes are therefore particularly welcome, because the 'practice-biology lessons' remains still fresh in memory of our youngest visitors, even after the school.

Ein weiteres wichtiges Anliegen des Pflegezentrums für Vogelfauna besteht darin, die Öffentlichkeit über den Naturschutz und insbesondere den Schutz unserer heimischen Wildvögel zu informieren. Der "Praxisteil" in Form täglicher Flugvorführungen macht das besonders anschaulich.

Schulklassen sind uns daher besonders willkommen, denn die "Praxis-Biologiestunde" bleibt unseren jüngsten Besuchern auch nach dem Schulabschluß noch in lebhafter Erinnerung.

Feeding born chicken

Birds of prey and owls are at the head of the food chain. In comparison with other species of birds they are rare. They are sensitive to unnatural changes in their environment, which has brought some species to the brink of extinction. Only information and sensitization creates a climate of understanding for these extraordinary animals and their important role in the cycle of nature. Therefore the Birds Caring Centre offers a birds-of-prey instruction path. While walking on this wonderful path, which has been perfectly embedded into landscape, visitors can experience the fascinating life of many different owls an birds of prey.

At this point, a ´big thank you´ to our many sponsors, who deals with kind and cash donations as a ´godfather support´.